My Final Fantasy Tactics review for the Best Games Ever list is now live! You can read it from the Best Games Ever list, or by clicking here.

Here’s a preview:

Final Fantasy Tactics is a wonderful spin on the Final Fantasy series that spawned a few “sequels” (although I use that term lightly, as the stories are not connected to this original) that were also quite good, but not exactly what I’d call “Best Game Ever” material. I played this game A LOT growing up; it was one of the games in my dad’s collection that he never really touched, so I wanted to see what it was all about. Little did I know that this game would engross me enough to make many of my own pen-and-paper style RPGs with my collection of assorted dice for years throughout middle and high school. I never actually finished any campaigns, and even if I did, I never really had friends that would play them with me.