My Rocket League review for the Best Games Ever list is now live. You can read it from the Best Games Ever list, or by clicking here.

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Here’s a preview of my review for Rocket League:

Rocket League is a title that sort of shocked everyone. I actually saw some clips of it online during the beta and knew I had to get in on it. So I signed up for the beta, got in, and had a blast. I was sold. Little did I know that I wouldn’t have to be sold, as the day it came out, it was released as the free game for PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Network’s premium feature. Then Rocket League took off, like a… Rocket. It got immensely popular, and now, if you haven’t heard of Rocket League, you might as well be living under a rock. And you’re missing out. Rocket League is kind of interesting for me. It takes my two least favorite genres of games (racing and sports) and melds them into something that is so much more than just a sports game. An added bonus is that it’s the only game my girlfriend actually wants to play.