My Bloodborne review for the Best Games Ever list is now live. You can read the full review from the Best Games Ever list, or by clicking here.

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Here’s a preview of my review for Bloodborne:

From Software, most notably for their Armored Core and Souls series’ are at it again in Bloodborne. One of my friends got Bloodborne around release time, and showed it off to me a few times. Having played a little bit of Demon Souls and completing Dark Souls, I admit I was a little underwhelmed at first glance. I thought to myself, “this is exactly Dark Souls with a new coat of paint”. The sound effects seemed the same, the HUD looked identical… I figured From was just riding on their own coattails. But then, I picked up Bloodborne for myself in November instead of Star Wars: Battlefront (GameStop had a pretty sweet deal: brand new for $20 instead of the usual $40). I still didn’t end up starting Bloodborne though until a few weeks to a month ago though, but once I did, I was blown away. I had unfairly written off Bloodborne despite it being more or less a clone of another game on this list, Dark Souls. I’ve only beaten it once so far, but I do have 2 more characters that I’m playing with now.