Now that I’ve posted all of my old reviews, am at a point where I can’t really continue until I replay some of the titles on the Best Games Ever List, I’ll include this What’cha Playin’? Section daily until I can add another review or something. So right now, I’ve been deeply enjoying Salt and Sanctuary as is obvious by my most recent Best Game Ever post. I’ve beaten the game 3 times so far, and I still want to keep going, despite having the platinum trophy for it. So many builds to try! My current run is a magic user build, seeing as I haven’t done a mage yet. I admit, the beginning few areas were tough, but now I feel immensely powerful, especially in boss fights. I plan on making another guide for Salt and Sanctuary soon (in fact, I’m working on it now) and even something else for the game as well… Stay tuned for that!