This weekend, I mostly drowned myself in Salt and Sanctuary, like usual. My 5th playthrough now complete, I’m working on collecting everything in the game so I can read the descriptions and work on writing up a big lore post, as I promised in the Salt and Sanctuary subreddit.

This weekend I also had a few friends hang out, and one of them introduced me to Welcome to the Gungeon, a procedurally generated dungeon crawler/shoot ’em up/bullet hell hybrid that actually works really well. I can’t say too much about it just yet, as I’ve only had about an hour or so long taste of it, but at $14.99, I can’t imagine me not picking it up soon. Maybe you can expect a review of it soon?

I also finished watching the first season of Darker Than Black this weekend. It’s a really cool dystopian future story about people who are given special powers called Contractors, at the cost of (seemingly) their emotions and a special “price” price they must pay. For example, a character has the ability to manipulate gravity, but at the cost of breaking his fingers every time. It’s pretty dark and interesting; I’d definitely recommend it.

Lastly, I watched Little Witch Acedemia last night, a 26ish minute anime short about a little aspiring witch in a very Harry Potter-type setting. The story is kind of cliche, but the animation is beautiful and colorful. I’d definitely give it a shot if you’ve got a half-hour to burn.

These “What’cha Playin’?” posts are designed to spark discussion, so feel free to post in the comments what you’ve been playin’, watchin’, or listenin’ to lately.