I’ve been chipping away slowly at the bestiary and the drops in Salt and Sanctuary, and have been doing pretty well progress-wise. I’m on #70 of 98, meaning I have all of the drops for around 70 of the 98 enemies. I’m pretty close to moving on to the next phase of Lore.

The other day I also played just a little bit of Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition. It’s as colorful and fun as I remember it. Interesting to note that this version has not just 2-player co-op, but 4 player co-op.

And of course, there are always small sessions of Rocket League scattered about.

Lastly, I didn’t get too much time to game yesterday because I was busy writing a crap program in Java. Well, craps, actually; the casino game with the dice. It was fairly easy to put together, and slowly, little by little, I’m seeing the methods (programming pun) required for me to be able to piece together my own game. I guess you could technically say I made my first game.

These “What’cha Playin’?” posts are designed to spark discussion, so feel free to post in the comments what you’ve been playin’, watchin’, or listenin’ to lately.