As you (probably) know, I’ve been working on Salt and Sanctuary lore stuff. I’ve beaten the game for the 6th time, and have read through the Bestiary, Magic, Rings, and Charms, slowly taking notes and piecing together information about the world of Salt and Sanctuary. It’s been pretty interesting so far, and I’m looking forward to the finished product. You should too! That being said, I actually haven’t done much playing of anything because I’ve been busy putting together that information. Oh yeah, and school stuff.

As many of you know, Dark Souls III is out now, but I probably won’t be picking it up until I beat Demon Souls and Dark Souls II. I’ll probably play through the first Dark Souls again as well too before I get to Dark Souls III. So it’ll be a bit yet.

In other news, you should check out my friend’s Facebook page, Eric is a Huge Nerd. He’s been building and tinkering with arcade sticks lately, and it’s pretty interesting. I’m looking forward to seeing where he goes next with his current project.

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