This weekend was fun-filled blast. It was my birthday on Friday, so, sorry for my lack of a post. It was a busy weekend. On Friday, I went to a hockey game, which is always fun in my book. On Saturday, I went to Medieval Times, which is kind of like an indoor Renaissance fair, but of Medieval times. When you first walk in, you’re assigned a table, and that table corresponds with one of the 6 sections, which in turn corresponds to one of the 6 colored knights. Prior to the show, you can walk around and buy all sorts of interest things, from real swords and shields to pewter statues and jester hats. There’s also an interesting torture museum, with replicas of many of the Medieval torture devices on display. Once you’re seated in your section, the show begins. The arena is split into two, with 3 seating sections on either side. Your server wench or serf explains that the three knights on your side of the arena are your allies, while the three on the opposite side are enemies. They put on a little story for you about the 6 brave knights from their 6 kingdoms in Spain, and they put on a how involving horse tricks, falconry, Medieval style games from a small tournament, like jousting hanging rings, full on jousting, and finally, armed combat. All the while, you’re being served a Medieval fare of food without utensils, like tomato bisque (never mind that tomatoes were indigenous to the Americas, it’s not like they had Pepsi back then either, after all), garlic bread, chicken (there are vegetarian options too), corn on the cob, a roasted potato, and an apple turnover with a side of coffee. It’s a lot of fun cheering for your knight and booing the opposition as you watch them participate and fight the other knights. If you’re a fan of the Medieval time period, I would highly recommend checking it out. Fun for the whole family.

In terms of video games, I played a bit of Salt and Sanctuary, as is the usual, and I started playing Demon’s Souls again, after receiving Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin from a friend as a birthday gift. I’ve only beaten Dark Souls and Bloodborne, so I need to catch up to get with Dark Souls III. I know that  Demon’s Souls is its own story and world, but that’s just the way I play games. My friends and I also played some Guilty Gear Xrd Sign, and picking it up again has made me excited for Guilty Gear Revelator, which is coming out the beginning of June. We also played a little bit of Street Fight III: Third Strike, which, for some reason, is not on my list of Best Games Ever… Hmm… I’ll have to fix that.

Lastly, I’m finally done collecting information from the item descriptions, NPC dialogues, and stories from the Tree of Skill in Salt and Sanctuary, so I’ve started putting that information together in a readable way, not unlike Redgrave’s The Paleblood Hunt, my inspiration. Look forward to my release of that information. Or don’t. It’s okay.

These “What’cha Playin’?” posts are designed to spark discussion, so feel free to post in the comments what you’ve been playin’, watchin’, or listenin’ to lately.