I feel like I have kind of hit a wall with Guilty Gear Xrd: Sign. I want to complete everything in the game, but a few things elude me. One of the modes, for instance, is a mission mode, which just requires you to successfully punish opponents after they use an attack with a decent amount of cooldown. That’s no problem, only that it also requires you to deal a set amount of damage in a single combo; something I have not yet grasped. I think I need to spend a decent amount of time in practice mode and watching other skilled players on YouTube to get a feel for what I should be doing. Not only that, but ranked online play and player matches are pretty scarce at this point. Ranking up may be difficult.

I did play a decent amount of Rocket League yesterday, however. Good stuff.

Lastly, content is kind of scarce until I get really into new games, so I’m sorry for that. Commenting to create conversation can help with that!

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