Wow. Overwatch is amazing. It’s all I played yesterday. It’s all I wanted to play yesterday.

Overwatch is a 6-on-6 team FPS. Sounds simple and normal enough, right? Well, like any team based shooter, you have different roles of each character. In the beta, you have the option between 21(!) different heroes, some from each role: offense, defense, tank, and support. A good team requires a healthy balance of each character, and a basic understanding of your map and objective. For example, if you’re to defend an area, you may want to invest in some defense heroes.

Offense heroes excel at putting out damage, but are the frailest characters, so hopping in and out of the fray is necessary. For example, one hero can actually teleport around the map, and go back in time to negate damage done to her, assuming she isn’t dead. Defense heroes skills help protect areas by setting up walls or turrets. They tend to have a bit more health than offense characters. Your tanks have a massive amount of HP and can often shield the rest of the team or objective. And support characters can heal, give speed boosts, or even revive allies in a time of need.

Each of the 20 characters play very differently. I haven’t played very many team-based shooters in the past, but of the few I have played, Overwatch excels. Each character is completely different and requires you to play much differently than the rest. If you’re getting bored of one character, simply switch it up! The amount of variation between each character is truly amazing.

The presentation is a cartoony style, and it works very well with Overwatch. The characters and world blend together wonderfully.

As you complete matches, you can level up, unlocking random items that you can customize your character with. Anything from new voice effects, skins, or spray paints to spray on walls for fun.

I highly recommend trying out Overwatch. After all, the beta is free! I’ve already preordered Overwatch in anticipation for its release on the 24th.

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