Greetings. Sorry for my lack of a post yesterday, but not only did I have a very busy day at work, but all of my free time (of the little there was) had to go to the Overwatch beta. Having been extended until today, I had to get as much play in as possible because it’s that good.

I already gave a brief overview of what Overwatch is last post, but today I want to explain why it’s so good.

I think Blizzard put together an amazingly polished game. From the get-go, the game grabs your attention with the characters, all of which are absolutely EXPLODING with personality. Each character has their own unique backstory, style, and abilities. Visually no two characters are the same, and mechanically, they couldn’t be more different. Even just the 6 attack characters are so wildly different that you’ll need to utilize a different strategy for each one. But you don’t have 6 characters. You have 21. That’s 21 unique characters to learn and love. Getting bored with your main character and their playstyle? Just pick any of the other 20 characters and try something different. You never know, you just might end up really liking a character you never expected to. I know I did.

Not only are the characters unique, but they are very well balanced. While I’m sure some would argue about balance (some of those arguments may be slightly justified too) ultimately, each character has things they excel in and other things they aren’t so great at. This makes each character weak to a different character. No one character is a real jack of all trades (though Soldier: 76 comes close) or is too powerful. If you keep smashing your head against the proverbial wall, getting killed by one character over and over, try switching up your playstyle or your hero altogether. You just may be surprised that that unbeatable character moments ago is now suffering to your more effective character choice.

Character choice is immensely important. It’s important to have a diverse team with many different roles so that your team has all of the bases covered. The game will inform you if you’re missing an integral part of a team, and I would implore you to go out of your comfort zone to try those other characters. You might end up really appreciating them. It also encourages team play so that characters are playing effectively off of each other.

In addition to revealing character dialogue in game, Blizzard has been building a fantastic and interesting lore outside of the game though animated shorts and one off comics. Check ’em out. The Pixar quality animated shorts are enough to get you interested in the world of Overwatch for sure.

I’m sad that the beta is over, but I can’t wait for the actual release (and hopefully a little more content and game modes) on the 24th of this month. At least it give me plenty of time to play the new Doom. 3 days!