Wow. The new DOOM is amazing. I’m withholding a review (or possibly best game ever review) for it until I complete all of the content. While I HAVE completed the campaign, found all the secrets and collectibles, and dabbled a bit in both multiplayer and Snap Map, I still need to give multiplayer and Snap Map a little more time.

I can talk a little bit about the campaign though. It’s fantastic. It throws you right into the action. No real dialogue or extended cutscene as you pick up a pistol, and immediately start downing demons. I really loved this, because it was very true to the first two DOOMs; little exposition, just start killing demons with your trusty pistol until you get a better killing weapon. After you get your iconic suit, you’re greeted by a voice who claims he can help you quell the demon uprising in a way that benefits the both of you. Doomguy, being a silent protagonist, slams the tablet receiving the message against a wall and leaves the area doing things the DOOM way. Doomguy in the campaign has a ton of personality, whether it’s the way he disregards apparent authority, or the way he literally tears demons in two with his bear hands. At one point, when requested to carefully shutdown and disassemble an important filter, Doomguy curbstomps it into the ground, showing his disdain for UAC’s perversion of the natural flow of life.

In this installment of DOOM, the Union Aerospace Committee (UAC) has found a solution for the Earth’s energy crisis: directly taking and filtering energy from Hell itself, as they found a way to do so on UAC’s Mars base. You’ll fight the usual DOOM suspects, from Imps and Cacodemons to Pinkys and Mancubi, as well as a handful of new demons such as the Summoner and the Hell Razer. Many areas of the game pit you in a room that won’t let you out until the demon disturbance has been quelled. These rooms are fun, fast paced battles with heavy metal and djent style music that really reminds me of the old DOOMs sometimes arena style challenges. Locked doors and the appropriate keycards remain as you fight and explore 13 stages, all of which are lovingly crafted and loaded with secrets, weapon upgrades, plenty of platforming, and additional challenges for you to attempt in an effort to power up your weapons as fast as possible.

Weapon modifications add a new flavor to the DOOM recipe. You can find drones out in the levels that will give you one of two modifications for most weapons, changed up the way you use the gun altogether. For instance, you can unlock a grenade launcher for the shotgun that makes it very viable for weaker enemies, both at short and long ranges, depending on which firing mode you use.

Any fan of the old DOOMs will at least be able to appreciate the campaign this new DOOM, it’s certainly better (in my opinion) and more DOOM-like than the Dead Space style DOOM 3.

While I haven’t played much with multiplayer, the freeze tag mode is particularly interesting, where being killed freezes you and standing next to your allies thaws them  out.

And Snap Map is also seemingly cool, having a ton of freedom to practically create your own game, a-la LittleBigPlanet meets DOOM. I’m looking forward to it.

What do you think of the new DOOM? Look forward to my review coming soonish!