I finally finished my SnapMap!


This is my attempt at a DOOM and Dark Souls crossover map in DOOM SnapMap.

The official name of this map is: Argent Surge – Solo Soulslike

The ID for this map is: Y9AJLSU6

My PSN is M000-1313-7.

My DOOM ID is Red_Keycard.

Please allow yourself at least 30 minutes to play this map.

DOOM map with Dark Soulslike mechanics. Kill demons to obtain Pure Argent used to level up your character and their 4 different stats as well as purchase weapon mods, armor, and new equipment. Dying will cause you to drop your Pure Argent until you reclaim the Argent Surge (flag). Dying again will cause you to lose that prior Pure Argent forever. There is an end and final boss, but I have also included an endless mode in case anyone wants to keep playing and grind out demons.

I’m interested in what others think of this map; I’ve put a lot of work and a lot of logic into it. I’ve even made a trailer for it. Here is the “official trailer”.