Yesterday while browsing through Crunchyroll, I noticed that the third season of Yamishibai – Japanese Ghost Stories was up. Having been a pretty big fan of the first two seasons, I sat down and watched the third season as well.

Yamishibai are Japanese ghost stories and folk tales, animated into a sort of storybook style with mostly stills and very little animation. The art is unlike anything I’ve seen before, and it definitely does not make you think “anime” when you see it. Each episode is only around 4 and half minutes long, intro and outro included, so you can watch 12 episodes in under an hour. Each episode is its own self-contained horror story with it’s own characters, setting, and plot which gets into the action very quickly, which is nice.

I’ll admit that as the series goes on, it has been decreasing in the quality of the tales. The first and most of the second season had very good stories with a real feeling of dread as it continued on, but the third season mostly just wanted to show off artwork for weird and disturbing monsters, revealing them at the end of nearly every episode. I still enjoyed the third season and the series as a whole, but the first season is definitely the crown jewel of the series.

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