Yesterday I went over the many DOOMs, and how there are still many DOOMs I want to play. Well, yesterday, I completed the Lost Episodes of DOOM, 3 8 map chapters for the original DOOM that tells the story of an unnamed scientist whom, after arguing with the UAC to be wary of their research, gets transferred to deep space exploration within a probe. After completing the trek out, and on the return journey home, the scientist is put into cryo-sleep, and heads for Earth. On his way, his cryo-sleep system malfunctions and the navigation system sends him towards the UAC bases on Jupiter’s innermost and outermost moons, Callisto and Io. At the same time, a large disturbance on Mars is occurring, probably the main DOOM campaign. The Lost Episodes of DOOM was also packaged with a book, detailing the trial of this scientist.

The stages are decent and interesting, for sure, but the main gripe I have with the Lost Episodes of DOOM is the overabundance of health, ammo, armor, and powerups. You’re practically indestructible. Many times I was sitting on the maximum of everything: 200% Health, 200% Armor, 400 Bullets, 100 Shells, 100 Rockets, 600 Cells. The only time you’ll die is if you fall into a pit that you’re not supposed to. I am a bit conservative with my ammo in DOOM though; I tend to use the shotgun more than any other weapon. That being said, if I can use pretty much only my shotgun and still retain an abundance of health and armor, maybe there’s a balancing issue. I was playing on the default DOOM difficulty as well, “Hurt Me Plenty”. When I play through it again at some point, I’ll have to go up at least to “Ultra-Violence”. Also, another minor concern is that the exits appear pretty quickly; you can sometimes only complete half of the map before exiting, if you want. (I never did, because I wanted to see the whole stage, but still.)

It was a bit of a run-around to get the Lost Episodes of DOOM running properly through ZDOOM, but I made it work. If anyone wants to play the Lost Episodes of DOOM, but needs some help getting it working, I’ll be happy to help.

All in all, the Lost Episodes of DOOM are DEFINITELY worth playing. The stages are cool, especially what they do with the first and last stage. Check it out!

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