I pretty much have only been playing Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. Yesterday I talked mostly about the things that irritated me in Catalyst. Allow me to note the things that I really appreciate.

Firstly, the OPEN WORLD. From the moment I completed the first Mirror’s Edge, that’s all I wanted; the ability to freerun wherever I want. Thankfully, Catalyst Scratches that itch. Although I do use the waypoint feature to get to where I need to go, once I complete the main objectives and get to collecting, I’ll be able to just kind of go wherever. Speaking of which, there are a veritable TON of collectibles tucked away throughout the city, and I love that. I seriously can’t wait to get into collecting those.

Next, the progression system and the new tools/skills at your disposal. I already talked about the progression system in yesterday’s post, so I’m not going to recount it here. That said, the new MAGrope thing is really neat, and the ability to roll out of a slide to keep your momentum is really cool. Very nice stuff.

Combat. The combat is fun, fast, and fluid, as long as you’re winning anyway. You have two different types of attacks and a seemingly infinite variation of those attacks. In the original Mirror’s Edge, you could actually use enemy’s guns. Now, no guns allowed, and it works just fine. Although I *do* miss the parry feature from the first game, Catalyst’s combat system definitely outperforms it.

That’s all I got for now. I’ll get back to you tomorrow, because I’ve got a feeling that I won’t be playing much else today.

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