Well, I’ve actually been watching and playing a lot of new things lately. Over the weekend I finally started watching an anime on my backlist, Kill la Kill. It’s fun, crazy, and over the top and I love it for that. I’m a little over halfway through the series now. I also watched a couple of Toshiaki Toyoda’s films, 9 Souls and Blue Spring (Aoi Haru). 9 Souls tells the story of 9 escaped convicts, mostly murderers, who are on a search for a large number of counterfeit bills that a 10th, non-escaping convict told them he hid. It’s a great film, part drama, part comedy, and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who doesn’t mind reading subtitles. Blue Spring is a delinquent coming of age film, based on the manga of the same name, and personally, I didn’t care for it that much. The cinematography, setting, and acting was great, but the plot seemed kind of empty and really didn’t make me care much for the characters. I understand that the manga is told in a vignette style, so maybe not enough detail was given to each character the way it was in the manga, as things must surely be cut out.

In the realm of games, I finished my Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst review, and probably won’t go back to it for a while. I started Guilty Gear: Xrd – Revelator, and I’m loving it just as much as I loved SIGN. I won’t be able to do a review or anything with it for a while though, as I have a lot of game left to play.

These “What’cha Doin’?” posts are designed to spark discussion, so feel free to post in the comments what you’ve been playin’, watchin’, or listenin’ to lately.