With this weekend having come and gone, Kiznaiver has as well. As I stated back near the beginning of the series, I really enjoyed the characters, their interactions, the art style, and the intro. Unfortunately, Kiznaiver, being a 12 episode series causes it to end FAR too soon. I’ve read rumors that Kiznaiver was actually supposed to be either a 24 or 36 episode series, and so things had to be cut down and removed. Whether that’s true or not, Kiznaiver definitely could have used at least 12 more episodes to help flesh out characters and their backstories, and help solidify the plot. Without spoiling anything, I personally feel as though many scenes could have carried far more weight had we had more back story and build up. Those scenes were still great though, and the fact that they were really says something.

That being said, I still think Kiznaiver is a well done show, and if you feel like something with great characters that’s emotional without being too terribly deep, I’d check it out, it’s only 12 episodes after all. I would happily watch ANY show with ANY plot with those characters, I felt they were all very likable (though you really got on my last nerve sometimes, Chidori). Again, the characters are far more interesting than the plot. I don’t do anime reviews, but if I did, I’d give Kiznaiver a “recommend”.