I’ve kind of been all over the place with games lately, but last night I started playing Harvest Moon 64, which many revere as “the best Harvest Moon”. It’s definitely going to take some getting used to though, as I’m more familiar with Friends of Mineral Town, which, interestingly enough, is technically a remake of 64. All of the characters are the same, but they all have different jobs/roles (actually, their jobs/roles make far more sense in 64) and some actually have different family members altogether. So for starters, that’s a little strange for me. Next, you have the fact that the clock is only on the pause screen. This is only a minor inconvenience due to quick loading times, but I really do prefer to have the time available to me at a glance. Lastly, days seem to ZOOM by WAY quicker than any other Harvest Moon game I’ve played. That said, it seems like a proper Harvest Moon, and I’m looking forward to playing some more once Animal Crossing becomes more-or-less useless for the day (when Nook closes shop).

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