Happy July! Yesterday was another pretty useless day in the world of Animal Crossing. Nook closes his shop down to do a raffle (which I didn’t win, by the way) so I ended up with a full inventory pretty quickly. Luckily Crazy Redd came to my town his rare albeit overpriced goods, so at least I got a NES with Clu Clu Land in it. Probably one of my favorite features of Animal Crossing was the ability to collect some NES games.

So, I typically work evenings, so by the time I come home, I can only do a little bit in Animal Crossing, as townsfolk go to bed and stores close. So I usually try to find something else to play. I’m on a bit of a GameCube kick right now, so I popped Custom Robo in last night. Man, I almost forgot how GREAT of a game that is. I might have to add it to a certain list of Best Games ever… So I’ll spare you a review/preview of that… For now!

Lastly, I heard a remastered Bioshock Collection is coming out on next gen systems September 13th. I’m VERY excited for that. Check it out!

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