I’ve been working a lot, and have also been busy outside of work, so I haven’t had too much time for myself, unfortunately. I do manage to play a bit of Animal Crossing though, last night was the Fireworks Show, so I got to watch fireworks and buy hand-fans from Crazy Redd at his booth by the pond. My house is a big as it gets (though I’m still paying it off) and my Nook’s is also at its largest with Nookingtons. I’m also at Perfect Town status, so I just have to keep it that way for 15 days to get the Golden Axe.

When I’m not playing Animal Crossing, I’m squeezing in Custom Robo, usually during the time that the shops are closed in Animal Crossing. I’m working my way through the Grand Battle mode, the 2nd part of the 2-part story mode; I want to eventually get all gold trophies in all of the cups, but it may prove difficult.

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