Pokemon GO is finally out in the states! Woo! If you’ve been living under a rock, Pokemon GO is a free to play app for your smartphone that uses your GPS location to find and catch Pokemon, as well as find items hidden in real world locations. As you catch more Pokemon, you get more experience to level up your trainer, allowing you to catch stronger Pokemon and eventually participate in gym battles. Unfortunately for me, you need to be at least level 5 to do that, and I’m only level 4, so I’ll have to wait a bit yet. Pokemon GO is made my the same folks who worked on Ingress, a similar Google GPS MMO sort of thing. It actually has kind of rekindled my love of Pokemon. The last one I played was Platinum, and now I want to try and play the newer ones, when before I had no real interest. I’ve caught a few Pokemon in GO, the only problem is that… It is wicked hot outside. I hate the heat… But that’s my problem, I guess.

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