Last night I hung out with a few friends to drive around and find some good places to find Pokemon in GO. And boy, did we ever hit the jackpot. First, we merely roamed around a bit, checking areas that I didn’t have access to back home. Then, we headed to a public park near his home which had a nice triple lure going on when we got there. There were a TON of people there, easily an upwards of 50 trainers or more. Some hanging out in groups, some flying solo, everybody just catching Pokemon. After dinner, we swung by another location with a triple lure (and many many trainers, including an EMT) and ran into a bunch of Pokemon that hardly ever appear by where I am, mostly water types. I bumped my Pokedex from 44 to 62 in a day alone. I’m also up to trainer level 15 thanks to that. Probably the best moment of the night was when someone shouted from another nearby lure, “There’s a Dratini over here!” and everyone ran over to the spot to grab it. It was really really cool. I can’t wait to get out there again and catch some more Pokemon.

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