Last night a friend I haven’t seen in a while came over and we played a little bit of Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator, since he hadn’t seen it yet. After some Thai food and ice cream, we came back to my place and played some Worms 3D.

Worms is a fairly popular series. It’s a versus-style multiplayer game that involves teams of worms with different weapons trying to kill all other worms by either knocking them into the water around the map, or by depleting all of their health. Worms is typically a 2D game, but this one is obviously 3D. There are all sorts of weapons from bazookas and grenades to crazy things like exploding sheep, and a bomb that explodes into many bananas. The games are a lot of crazy fun to play with friends. All of the environments are destructible, meaning the battle area can get messy after a few turns. I think I’ll play some more of it to unlock some new stages even though you can totally just make some randomly generated stages.

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