Yesterday a friend told me that the demo for the new King of Fighters was out, so I gave it a download for me and another friend of mine to try out. Neither of us were too impressed. Me and my group of friends spent a pretty good of time playing the older King of Fighters games, and in our opinion, 2002 is the best one, especially the version they released on PS2, as there are a veritable TON of characters. That said, the demo for KoF XIV didn’t impress me for a number of reasons. Firstly, it seems to play pretty slow. That said, it’s a minor complaint, and I might just be too used to Guilty Gear. Second, I’m not a big fan of the art style. When I think of King of Fighters, I think of sprite work. I realize that times have changed since the days of 2D pixelated fighters, but I don’t really like how the characters look in 3D. I just wish every fighting game looked like the latest Guilty Gear. Finally, and this is just a gripe of the DEMO, not what will be of the full game, but the character selection in the demo was baffling. Why give us new characters that nobody cares about in the demo, like the obvious Japanese Idol reference Sylvia Paula Paula? Give us Terry Bogard! At least they DID give us Mai, Kyo and Iori, but the other 3 characters seem kind of meh.

That said, I’ll probably still end up picking up the game when it releases August 23rd.

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