Having completed the first Zone of the Enders, I started the Second Runner last night. Right off the bat you can tell the production quality is much higher, with anime-style cutscenes (and cut-ins when there’s dialogue in the cockpit) instead of CG, and the graphics themselves look great, especially in the HD collection, which is what I’m playing both games on. It also seems to play just a tiny bit faster than the first game. There’s a lot more enemies on screen at once and the game is considerably harder, at least so far. The story and characters seem more fleshed out as well. My only real gripe so far is that the boss battles are awfully long as Jehuty seems to do such a minimal amount of damage with every attack. Of course, you can be killed pretty easily as your health bar is maybe 1/6th of the boss’s. That said, it’s still too early to pass judgments. I’m looking forward to playing more as soon as I can!

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