As we get closer and closer to the release of No Man’s Sky, I’ve just been trying to play things to fill the void. I’ve played some more Zone of the Enders: The Second Runner, which has gotten even cooler, but also more difficult. It’s pretty frustrating to get through most of a level, then die near the end and then have to do it all over again. I’ve also been playing a bit of Rocket League. But at the end of the day, all I want is for No Man’s Sky to be released.

Speaking of No Man’s Sky, the subreddit, /r/NoMansSkytheGame is an absolute mess right now. A few people have managed to get their hands on copies early and are leaking gameplay videos and streams and whatnot, and everyone is up in arms about how quickly one of the players got to the center of the universe as well as a number of other factors leading SOME to believe that this guy in particular got some sort of demo copy. Mods are stickying evidence threads, posts are out of control, it’s just kind of a mess… But it sure is fun to watch. Everyday there’s a new issue on that sub. Once the game officially releases and people can find out about the game for themselves, we’ll see how things go.

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