Today’s the big day! No Man’s Sky finally releases today, and while many are already exploring the stars, I’m waiting “patiently” ™ for Amazon to deliver my Limited Edition. Yesterday I played a bit more Salt and Sanctuary, and I’m actually coming up on the last 3 bosses. I also forgot to post about Ecco the Dolphin, which I played a bit of Sunday night.

Ecco the Dolphin is for Sega Genesis and is kind of like a platformer, but there are no platforms and you can move in any direction, seeing as you play as a dolphin underwater. The first few impressions of Ecco I have a good: Pretty visuals and some pretty great tunes. That said, the controls are wonky and the balance is kind of strange; some levels are brutally hard, but the next level you can breeze past without too much trouble. The main goal for most levels is to find a glyph that enables you to move another glyph out of the way, or find a ring of spiky sea creatures to break rocks to progress. The story is kind of strange, but I guess one day a random sea tornado takes/kills all of Ecco’s pod (that’s dolphin for family) and it’s up to Ecco to find out what happened. I can’t tell if I like it or not, but that said, it’s still a neat game.

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