I’m kind of sad that people are upset with No Man’s Sky. I personally love the game, and really, just give it a try on your own. This game is like little kid me’s dream come true. That aside, I also downloaded Downwell after finally trying it, since my friend plays it all the time.

Downwell is a pixelated randomly generated shmup, but in reverse. You fall down a well with rocket boots that shoot downwards at things rising up from the bottom. There is platforming as well, and each level has an end. As you progress, things get harder, but it’s easy to pick up and play. You can get different shots for your boots like laser and a triple spread shot, as well as a power-up at the end of each level, enabling you get a bit of an edge on the increasingly difficult enemies. There are shops to heal your character or give you extra shots on your boots before reloading, which happens automatically whenever you touch the ground. Each time you die, it’s back to the start with none of your powerups. As you progress, you’ll unlock “styles” for additional challenge, and palettes to change the colors and feel of the game. It’s one of those easy-to-pickup, hard-to-master style arcade games and it’s a ton of fun. For only 5$ on PS4 or Steam, I highly recommend it.

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