In the morning before training for my job, I played some No Man’s Sky and I finally found the ship I will be flying for a long time to come. Here she is:No Man's Sky_20160823071934.jpg

And the view from behind:

No Man's Sky_20160823071948.jpg

I’m loving it. I installed all the available upgrades, and they’re all in complete synergy. I also rearranged my exosuit upgrades for maximum synergy as well. Center of the galaxy, here I come!

The King of Fighters XIV also came out yesterday, and I only got a bit of time with it. It seems cool, but I really don’t have an honest opinion of it. My first thoughts are that the characters I love from the older KoFs seem to be very similar mechanically, but I’m sad that some of my favorite characters haven’t returned, like Vanessa and Shermie, but new characters that I don’t really care for are in their place. Special and super moves seem more accessible than ever, with fairly simple inputs, and the mechanics are fleshed out very well in the tutorial. More KoF information is forthcoming.

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