Since it was on sale for a mere $6, I finally decided to pick up Risk of Rain, which I’ve been on the fence about for a while. So far, I’m glad I did.

Risk of Rain is a pixelated, 2D, sidescrolling, randomly generated roguelike, where you play as one of 10 characters, each with 4 different skills and abilities. Mind you, you only start with one character and you have to unlock the rest by performing specific challenges. Risk of Rain is a lot of fast paced fun, involving shooting hordes of enemies while trying to find a teleporter to the next level. When you do, you’ll have to kill a boss and survive a 90 second onslaught of enemies before being able to teleport to the next level. There are many items to collect, which are gathered by opening chests or activating statues; both of which require money collected from killed enemies or various containers around the level. As you collect more items to empower your character, you get stronger and tougher to kill against the increasingly brutal waves of enemies. You’ll also collect experience to level up and become stronger. The longer you survive in Risk of Rain, the more difficult it gets, as denoted by a difficulty bar that slowly rises as you play, capping at around 45 minutes. Each enemy is pretty cool, and they all have a chance to drop a monster log describing the enemy’s lore, making grinding for collectibles a worthwhile pastime as well. Lastly, there’s also both local and online co-op, to sweeten the deal. The only real downfall of RoR is that it’s kind of hard to tell when you’re taking damage, as there is no screen flash or knock back or anything. Also, things can get so crazy hectic from time to time that it’s hard to even tell what’s going on. Mind you, that comes a little later, but still. It doesn’t necessarily take away any of the fun, though.

If you haven’t tried it and are a fan of rougelikes, you gotta try Risk of Rain for only $6. You also get the Vita version which automatically syncs your save between the two systems. Let me know what you think of it.