My second playthrough through the Silent Hill series is going swimmingly, so far. In Silent Hill, I got the Good+ ending this time, as opposed to the Bad ending on my first playthrough. In Silent Hill 2, I was aiming for a different ending, as on my first playthrough I got the In Water ending, which is a beautifully depressing ending to a beautifully depressing game, it’s my favorite ending thus far. At any rate, I got the Leave ending this time. Silent Hill 3 reworked its ending system, so I already know the ending I’ll be getting.

But man, Silent Hill 3 is probably the creepiest, tense, and most difficult title thus far. Enemies are pretty quick and powerful, and take quite a bit to kill, meaning that running past them is often your best bet, if you can. Not only that, but the enemies are far more numerous as well. Speaking of enemies, they have the strangest designs in the series. Those really big guys with the twitchy faces are terrifying. At any rate, I’m hoping to beat 3 this weekend and possibly move on to the Room, another pretty unsettling title in the series.

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