After powering through the first three Silent Hills, 1 on PS3 as a PS Classic, and 2 and 3 on PC, I’m taking a short break to play Folklore, an old (well, 2007) PlayStation 3 game. It’s a really neat action RPG that’s part Pokemon, part Alice in Wonderland, and part murder mystery. There is a mysterious murder in the small island town of Doolin that two characters are called to, and you can choose to play as either. You can play as Ellen, the girl with the missing past that supposedly lies in Doolin, or Keats, the skeptical writer of a paranormal magazine. The game is broken into chapters, and you can either play through all of the chapters as one character or alternating between characters like I am. You go into different worlds and fight different fairy tale-esque creatures, called Folks, eventually capturing their “Ids” and using them to fight for you. For example you may capture a folk with a combo attack and another with a ranged attack so you can mix up which to use when, as you can map Folks to the four face buttons. Some Folks are weak to others, and exploiting some weaknesses may be the only way to capture or damage some Folks. The world is beautiful and the game is really cool, so you can expect a bigger review of it once I do finish it. The only thing that stinks is that this game was released before Trophy support was mainstream on Sony consoles. That’s just me though, I like getting trophies.

The Bioshock Collection comes out today. Unfortunately, Amazon didn’t want me to have it on release day, so I’ll be getting it tomorrow. That said, I’m looking forward to playing through 1 again and trying 2 once I get through that.

Finally, if you haven’t tried the new mode in Rocket League, you absolutely have to. In Rumble mode, they give you all sorts of powerups and abilities and it makes for some crazy play, with grappling hooks and punching gloves and tornadoes… It’s hectic but insanely fun. Try it for yourself! As always, Rocket League updates are free!

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