My BioShock Infinite review is now live. You can read the full review from the Review page, or by clicking here.

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Here’s the bottom line if you don’t have time to read the full review:


  • The best gunplay of the series.
  • An interesting story.
  • Great characters and interactions, especially the dialogue between the two main characters.
  • New, interesting mechanics.
  • Fantastic DLC.


  • A number of steps back from the “BioShock formula” of gameplay and mechanics.
  • A less interesting city than Rapture with no real reason to be in the sky.

Final Score: 8/10

Again, BioShock Infinite is by no means a bad game, it just doesn’t quite live up to the BioShock name the way previous installments did, in my opinion. Infinite is still a great game with and engaging story and characters, and ultimately, deserves a play.