Well, firstly I finished all three episodes of Chex Quest, a Doom mod that was made to market Chex cereal. I’d review it, but I played the whole thing with no sound. Great fun, though, especially for the Doom fan.

Next, I’ve been squeezing in some Final Fantasy Tactics here and there; it’s one of my favorites and it’s on the List of Best Games Ever.

Finally, and mostly, I’ve been playing through the BioShock series again, even though I just did (a true mark of a best game ever). I beat 1 on Hard with Vita Chambers off (meaning if you die, you have to load your last save) and used the difficulty switch trick to get the trophy for having beaten it on Survivor mode as well, though I do plan on doing a Survivor mode run at some point; when I first had BioShock, I could never beat Survivor mode.

I’m on BioShock 2 now, Hard mode, and trying to beat it using only the Drill, hacking, and Plasmids. It definitely seems doable, and I was surprised how easily the first Big Daddy went down; I thought he’d be more of a challenge. I just got Incinerate, so I’m just about done with the first real area. It’s pretty fun, but if it gets to be too much, I’ll resort to my other weaponry.

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