Happy Columbus Day, Americans! Let’s celebrate by walking into someone’s house and telling them they have to leave because we live there now!

At any rate, over the weekend I finished my Drill and Plasmids only run of BioShock 2 on hard. It was good fun, and as I got more powered up, it became really easy, especially with all the tonics I got, enhancing my run.

Then, also over the weekend, I beat BioShock Infinite again on hard mode, thus unlocking the hardest mode: 1999 mode. I also took the time to do so with a guide so I could collect all the things I missed in my first run.

I also made it to chapter 2 in Final Fantasy Tactics. Right now I have a Squire (Ramza), a Priest, a Lancer, a Black Mage, and an Archer. We’ll see where I decide to go from here with that. In my play of Final Fantasy Tactics, I was thinking… FFT would make a fantastic TV show or movie or something. The characters are so strong, it would be great in nearly any medium as well, I think.

My next objective is to beat BioShock 1 on Survivor mode. I may decide to try it with the Wrench and Plasmids only, but I imagine it’ll be pretty tough either way; I never could beat survivor mode back when I played it on PS3. So, we’ll see.

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