I didn’t have very much free time yesterday despite it being a holiday, but I do want to take a moment to give a shoutout to Jet Set Radio Live, an online radio station that someone put together that plays music that you might expect to hear in either of the Jet Set Radio games. At first, it was a pretty simple radio station, but over time, he’s added a chat with requests, a TV station where you can watch Jet Set Radio style videos (mostly rollerblading), a Seaman game, sort of, the ability to skip tracks, and a number of stations based on the Jet Set Radio and Jet Set Radio teams, for example, the GG stations play mainly funk, but you also have Poison Jam (rock), Noise Tanks (Electronic), Love Shockers (Female Vocals), Rapid 99, The Immortals, and the Golden Rhinos. I haven’t gotten around to spending a lot of time listening to those last three as they’re newer stations (and I usually just listen to the GG channels), but it’s an amazing idea. It really captures the feel of Jet Set Radio. I’d highly recommend swinging by if you like Jet Set Radio or its music.

Note: I may have brought this up before, but I wanted to give a shoutout to the newer features; really cool and great work.