Haven’t had a whole lot of time for games lately due to school and rollerblading, which I’ve been getting into. I rollerbladed for a while yesterday while listening to Jet Set Radio music, of course. I’m balanced enough to not fall, but not balanced enough to look slick, especially while slowing or stopping. Ah well. In due time. I actually had to rotate my wheels yesterday. Plus it’s good exercise; I’m pretty sore right now.

I’m 19 or 20 episodes into Cowboy Bebop, and it’s really good. I only have a few more episodes to go, so I’m sure things will really start ramping up soon. The thing with Cowboy Bebop though is that the characters are all really well done. They’re all really believable, fleshed out, and avoid many anime tropes (perhaps due to being an older anime). I’m a big fan of every character, for sure.

Finally, I also started watching Steampunk’d on Netflix. I think I just hit the halfway point. It’s pretty cool. A bunch of Steampunk makers come together in a game show style of show, where they are split into teams and are tasked with building a specific room in the SteamPunk’d manor, using the Steampunk style. This typically includes a weapon of some sort, a gadget that operates something in the room, a costume, story, and character. The interactions with the people are the show are entertaining, but the real fun is seeing what kind of awe-inspiring things the makers make next. I love the Steampunk style and setting, so I’m really happy with how this show is going.

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