Nothing too terribly exciting. I’ve been working on my rollerblading, but I definitely need either fix my posture, stretch more, strengthen some of my unused muscles, or probably a combination, as my lower back is pretty sore from the whole ordeal. Well, in due time.

I’m also making decent progress in BioShock on Survivor difficulty. I’m definitely better than I used to be, as I’m a decent way into Neptune’s Bounty with relatively little difficulty. I’ve even been able to take down 2 of the 3 Rosie Big Daddies in the area, which can be pretty rough early in the game, especially on higher difficulties, many suggest coming back to this area later. It’s definitely a challenge, more so than any I’ve had in the BioShock series thus far.

Lastly, I’ve been playing a little bit of N, that old free flash ninja game. You play as a ninja who can only run, jump, wall jump, and slide down walls. One hit from an enemy or falling too far will cause you to die and you’ll have to start the stage over. The game is broken down into episodes, with 5 stages in each. To clear the episode, you’ll have to beat all 5 stages. You start with 90 seconds to do so, but stages have gold that you can collect to extend your time. Clearing a stage involves unlocking a door by finding a switch, then going through that door. Often times, there will be barricades that you’ll have to find other switches for. It’s really fun, a great time waster, and really low on a PC’s resources. Check it out.

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