Well, I’ve successfully made it through most of Fort Frolic on Survivor mode in BioShock, and I’m pretty happy about that. I’m not having too much trouble, but it still can be rough from time to time. My go to combo for annoying enemies is the Winter Blast -> Headshot combo, and it seems to work out pretty well for enemies that can take you out quickly in survivor mode; namely Houdini Splicers. I need a better strategy for dealing with Big Daddies, as currently, they take a ton of ammunition to dispatch. I’m hoping I’ll have the time this weekend to finish off Survivor mode.

In Final Fantasy Tactics, my team is now: Squire, Priest, Mediator, Wizard, and Archer, though I believe a change is soon in order, as I think I may decide to fill my team with the special characters you run into throughout the main story. We’ll see.

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