So, this weekend offered me some free time, so I took every opportunity to enjoy myself. I beat BioShock on Survivor difficulty; a feat I’ve never accomplished before, so I was proud of that. It honestly wasn’t too bad. It’s pretty normal for BioShock titles to be tougher in the beginning and Survivor mode was no exception. I then beat the challenge room DLC for BioShock, and nabbed all of those trophies, so I can now say that BioShock is 100% complete for me. The challenge rooms were neat and made you think in a new way, which I really liked.

I’m now working on the Protector Trials DLC for BioShock 2; I have them all done except two bonus trials, and I have to say, I’m a really big fan of this DLC. You pretty much are given an area from the story that’s been fixed up into an arena, and you have to protect your Little Sister through a gathering session for a decent amount of time. The twist is that each area is a challenge, restricting you to certain weapons and Plasmids, so it’s kind of like a puzzle. The longer she gathers unhindered by Splicers, the more Adam you get. If you get an A or A+, you get one to three stars, and those stars unlock scrapped animations and concept art and stuff like that. It’s really cool. Once I clear those last two rooms, I can consider BioShock 2 100% complete too. Then it’s on to 1999 mode in Infinite.

In Final Fantasy Tactics, I’m starting to fill up my party with story characters. I think I’m only two or three battles away from the next chapter.

Finally, I finished Cowboy Bebop this weekend. What a great show. Despite having the ending already spoiled for me, it still hit me really hard; that last scene is really beautiful. What makes Cowboy Bebop especially great, to me, is the characters. All of the characters are believable, and each episode that gives you back story for them only gives you a bit at a time, result in you wanting to watch more to learn about the characters, but you end up really appreciating the stand alone episodes too. Episode 23, Brain Scratch, was probably my favorite stand alone episode in the series, and I was surprised how hard Hard Luck Woman (I think episode 24) hit me as well. What a great series with great characters. I’m going to watch the movie next. Honestly, it’s just a well rounded series. The music is great and jazzy, the characters are believable, lovable, and avoid being tropey for the most part, and I really felt like I was a member of the Bebop by the end of the show. Have I mentioned the interactions between the characters? So good. If you haven’t seen Cowboy Bebop, you’re missing out.

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