Today is a big day, as I have successfully secured tickets for me and 3 of my friends to go to PAX East this year. Hotels and travel are mostly figured out too. I went with a couple friends a few years back (when tickets were cheaper!) and it was an amazing experience… And we only went for a single day! This time, we’re gonna be there the whole weekend. I’m very very excited.

I also got my new wheels for my Rollerblades in the mail today; the ones that came stock with mine were terrible. I took the new wheels out for a quick spin, and I’m very impressed. I’m not sliding nearly as much, and I don’t need to exert myself as much to pick up speed. I glide really well and I’m a lot more stable; I’m a big fan. I did take a spill today getting a little ambitious, but I’m not terribly injured.

And finally, my college professors are on strike. So this is day 2 of no classes. I’ll be happy if there’s no class tomorrow as well, but I would like things to start back up on Monday, so this semester doesn’t get lengthened or something.