I’ve made a little bit of progress in Demon’s Souls; 2 more bosses defeated. I’m feeling pretty good about my adventure in it. I’m not having too much trouble, but I did lose 11,000 souls by falling to my death… Twice in a row… Ah well. I haven’t actually seen any content that is new to me yet; I’ve gotten this far in the past. So I’m as far as I can go in the first arch stone, I need to beat an Archdemon to continue, so I’m working on the second area now: the mines. I think I’m at 2-2.

I’ve also started rewatching Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. It’s one of my favorites and I plan on watching all of the Ghost in the Shell stuff, so it’s the next logical step. I have to say, episode 2 is fantastic, with the runaway tank. Seriously. A lot of the episodes are stand alone so you can watch them in more or less any order. I’m looking forward to watching more soon.