Just finished reading Junji Ito’s Uzumaki yesterday. For the unaware, Junji Ito is a manga author and artist specializing in horror. Uzumaki is his most well known work, but he’s also pretty well known for Gyo, and personally, I feel he specializes in short stories, as do most horror stories in general. This video explains really well why Junji Ito is so great. He’s one of my favorites. Uzumaki had some of the craziest things I’ve seen in a while. A town gets cursed by a seemingly simple and unassuming geometric shape… The spiral. A seemingly unassuming shape is suddenly the cause of horrors in a small Japanese town, and soon, you start to find that almost everything has a spiral shape in it in some way. It’s crazy, awesome, and one of my favorite works of Junji Ito. Check out that video if you’re interested in horror at all and you’ve got a half hour to spare, it explains Junji Ito really really well; props to that guy.