Now that I’ve got a bit more experience, I’m really enjoying the Elder Scrolls Arena. Just one thing… You HAVE to read the 90ish page manual, or you’re kind of in for a rough time. The manual (which I have in PDF form and can be found easily online) has all the answers to the questions that aren’t in the game, like which classes can do what, what you can do in town, etc. There is a lot less hand holding, which may be obvious, but the freedom is liberating. I find myself checking the manual every now and again (especially when I get some weapon or armor with a usable spell bound to it), I just wish I had it in physical form; that would be cool. I’m still on my way to find the first piece of the staff of chaos, as I’ve been hunting down some artifacts first, powerful items that can help you advance quickly.

If you feel like giving it a try, you can download it for free from Bethesda’s site, but you’ll need to use DOSBox to play it. You’ll also want it to run at around 20,000 cycles, because otherwise it may run slow. Maybe tomorrow I’ll talk more about the mechanics.

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