Pretty much just the Elder Scrolls Arena. I figured I could talk about the mechanics and what you can do in TES: Arena today.

The game is played in first person. You can move using the arrow keys, or the mouse if you point and click on the screen which direction you want to walk(awful control, just use the arrow keys). There are a number of buttons along the bottom that you can click on to enable you to pull up/sheathe your weapons, check your map or quest log, cast spells, use items, and steal/lockpick. These are also bound to keys, like m for map. You can also access your character sheet and manage your inventory by clicking on the portrait of your character. Attacking is performed by readying your weapon, then holding the Right Mouse Button and swinging the mouse the way you’d like to swing your weapon. Certain actions do more damage but are less accurate than others, which is a neat touch, but most of the time, you’ll probably just be swinging and hoping for the best. There is also a jump ability (j) and you can jump forward by holding shift and j, which you’ll need to clear gaps, though you could also just climb up small cliffs or swim across the gaps if you’d prefer.

When you’re in dungeons, you pretty much just kill stuff and find treasures. When you’re in town, you can talk to people for directions, as towns are absolutely ENORMOUS, inquire about rumors for story bits or for some work, and as such, a bit of coin, or just engage in some friendly conversation. Inns will allow you to pick up quests, buy drinks, or rest. Sometimes the nobility will have a quest for you in the palace as well. The Mages Guild will allow you to find out the enchantments on any of the equipment you have that is undiscovered, create and/or purchase spells, or buy magical items and potions. Blacksmiths will repair your gear and also sell weapons or armor. They are also the only place you can sell your unwanted items as well. Finally, there are temples that can heal you or bless you based on your donations.

It’s pretty challenging, but also very fun. I have a feeling I’ll be telling you more about it next week too.

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