As you may have noticed, I beat Amnesia: The Dark Descent over the weekend, so I was able to write up a review for it, something I’ve been waiting to do since I created the Best Games Ever List, since Amnesia begins with A, and as such, is the first title on the list. Great game.

Also, another one of my favorite games ever (and yes, is on the list) got rereleased with netplay on the PS4: Garou: Mark of the Wolves. This is my favorite fighting game of all time, so I highly recommend it, and you can always read up on my review more details. I did do some slight editing to that page as well.

And of course, I’ve been chugging away at Final Fantasy XV. I’m on Chapter 6, and my characters are levels 48-46. I’ve been doing pretty much ALL of the optional stuff, and my current play time is around 40 hours. I’m still liking it a lot. During the long car rides in game, I’ve also been playing a bit of the original Final Fantasy as well, which works well since it’s a total grind-fest.

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