A lot of stuff, actually. If you’re not following Cyberphile on Twitch, you’re missing out on streams of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, Garou: Mark of the Wolves, and Deus Ex. There’s more to come too! If you’re following on Facebook, I always post when I’m streaming, or when I plan to. You can probably expect more streaming tonight. I haven’t been recording microphone audio, but I will be soon.

I’m actually guiding my friend through his first playthrough of Majora, and Garou is just a ton of fun with us beating up on each other. I did start Deus Ex, and there are a lot of really neat ideas in it.

From what I understand, Deus Ex is kind of like cybernetic James Bond. You’re an anti-terrorist agent with a neuro-interface fighting terrorists and using different weapons, tools (like lockpicks and hacking tools) and your wits to deal with threats. You’re actually pretty squishy, so there is an emphasis on sneaking instead of dealing with a threat head on. Luckily, objectives often have multiple ways to tackle them. You can always just take the front door, guns-a-blazing, or multiple other options, like entering a nearby building first, taking a sewer or ventilation shaft, and so on. There are also some RPG elements that work really nicely. As you complete objectives or explore hidden areas, you’ll be given skill points to spend on various things like your skill with various weaponry, the effectiveness of medikits, how good you are at lockpicking or hacking, and much more. I’ve only completed the first two main missions in the game, so I’m still getting my feet wet, but it seems pretty cool.

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