If you’re keeping up with my streaming, you’d know!

Just kidding (sorta). I tried out Oni, the PS2 Ghost in the Shell knock-off by Bungie and… Man is it BAD. Well, maybe not bad, but certainly not good. From the 4-ish hours I spent with it last night… The controls are wonky, some parts are overwhelmingly annoying and unfair (one hit kills, what?), the gameplay is pretty much just mashing the same controls over and over again in the hopes that it works, the levels are ugly and boring, the story is bland… All in all it’s a pretty underwhelming package. I’ve only completed 5 of the 13 or so missions in the game, but it’s getting hard to continue, not only in difficulty, but mentally. There’s nothing to keep me going.

The only redeeming qualities are the neat attacks and throws, but once you learn that they’re all pretty much the same and only look different… Well… Yeah…

Have you checked out the other Cyberphile links from the About page? You should! I get my microphone back soon and with it I’ll be able to perform higher quality streams and video content. Stay tuned!