I’ve decided my next video will be on Rocket League, and as such, I’ve been playing that in an effort to get some decent footage with which to edit. Sadly, it’s been a decent amount of time since I played Rocket League, and I feel like that’s fairly obvious in my gameplay… Ah well.

Aside from that, I’ve made it through the Pirate’s Fortress in Majora’s Mask 3D. Now I just have to wait for my buddy to catch up. You can watch him catch up on Twitch!

And finally, if you have an iPhone, you should check out DJ Max Ray. To sum it up, it’s like Korean-Guitar Hero for your fingers. If you’ve ever played the DJ Max games or love music/rhythm games (like myself), you should check it out. They give you 10 songs for free (and 2 unlockable), but then you have to buy 5 song packs (with 1 unlockable) for 1.99 a piece, or go with one of the many bundle deals. Personally, I’m a sucker for music/rhythm games, and whenever I have a few uninterrupted minutes,  I play a song or two. It’s pretty high quality for a mobile game. Highly recommend.

Now, onto script writing, editing, and probably a bit more recording for my Rocket League video… Before I have to go to work, anyway. Stay tuned!